About Crucial Perspective

Crucial Perspective was founded by Ms. Corrine Png who was Executive Director and the Head of Asia Pacific Transportation Research at J.P Morgan from 2008 to 2016.  Having continuously covered Asian transport equities for over fifteen years at J.P Morgan, Citigroup and HSBC, Corrine is one of the most experienced and highly regarded Asian transport equity analyst in the world.

1. Focus, focus and focus

At Crucial Perspective, all we do is Asian transport equity research.  Our research coverage includes aerospace, airlines, airports, logistics, ports and shipping companies.  These companies are, for lack of a better term, the “carriers of trade and tourism”.  As such, Asian transport equity research provide hugely important, broad-based insights into the global economy and is essential reading for all in the investment community.   

Unfortunately despite this importance, the Asian transportation sector has long been neglected by many major sell-side equity research firms whose business strategy has been to focus their Asian research departments on sectors with considerably larger market capitalisations such as Tech, Banks, Telcos, Utilities and Property.  Covering larger market-cap equities often yield higher brokerage commissions and investment banking fees so their business strategy makes perfect sense from a profit standpoint. 

Crucial Perspective operates on a completely different business model that enables us to focus solely on the Asian transport sector.  We are dedicated to providing only the best analysis that will elevate your understanding of Asian transport equities. 

2. No maintenance research.  Just great analysis.

It is no secret that the equity research industry is literally flooded with maintenance research that is basically a summary of yesterday’s news combined with minimal financial analysis to give it some semblance of an equity research report.  While keeping updated is important, there is little value in reading the same news over and over again in multiple different formats.      

Time is too valuable to be wasted reading maintenance research and if your equity research reports haven’t been providing you with insightful analysis then you have come to the right place.

3. Independent equity research isn’t a marketing slogan

Crucial Perspective does not sell, endorse, provide any financial product or service.  We do not receive any compensation or benefits from the companies under our coverage.  Furthermore, we do not have any stock positions in the companies under our coverage.

So how do we sustain our business?  After all, supporting a professional independent research company can be costly with expensive databases like the Bloomberg terminal subscription.  In time, we hope to be fully supported by advertising revenues as we believe that this is the best way to maintain our research independence. 

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